Bridge the Investment Gender Gap with Education

Jason Conger Financial Advisor

I hope this doesn’t come as a shock
to you, but you don’t know


It’s all right—no one does! There’s no shame in admitting you’re not a know-it-all. What is a real tragedy, though, is when you stop learning new things…or if you do learn something new, you fail to do something with that information.

We’ve talked about how female customers are seriously underserved and ignored by the financial services market. Here’s some information you might not have picked up—if financial advisers strive to make stronger connections to female investors, they could unleash $330 billion in global revenue each year.

There’s a number of factors in play with the gap between women needing to invest, and the financial professionals that could serve them.

Traditionally women have earned less than men, so marketing messages tend to bypass them. Too many money pros talk down to women, adopting a condescending rather than helpful tone—and that’s a huge turnoff. Also, financial advisors tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach, using the same language and marketing tactics for women as they do when addressing men. The trouble with that? Women have different needs, perspectives and experiences, so what works for Tom might not fit for Mary.


Too many money pros talk down to women, adopting a condescending rather than helpful tone—and that’s a huge turnoff

Recognizing the need to shift strategy in order to capture female investment clients is the first step—but it’s not the only step

What exactly are their needs? How do you speak their language? What do you say to earn their trust, and engage them without alienating or insulting them? How do you bridge that wide gap and capture their business?

Education is the key.

Continual learning is something we firmly believe at Purse Strings. If you take a look at the biographies of our team members, you’ll notice some impressive educational experience. In addition to degrees from some pretty notable institutions of higher learning, we also have combined decades of experience training professionals like you, to elevate your career and better serve clients by continuing your professional education.

Once you’ve taken that crucial first step of deciding to improve your ability to reach and engage female investors, the Purse Strings course is the next step. During the dynamic three-week online course, you’ll explore various ways you can better position your organization to capture women clients. You’ll learn what women are looking for in a financial adviser, what your business currently is doing right (and where you’re missing the mark), hear strategies you can implement, and gain insights from financial professionals who’ve turned it around in their own businesses. The program can empower you to guide women toward mastering their own money.


Now that you know what you need to learn…

Take a look at the powerful Purse Strings program. Then, give us a call—we’d love to learn more about you, and how together we can build your understanding of the female investment market.

We will provide you useful and timely information you can use to be #financiallyfearless