Featured on Brave Women at Work with Jennifer Pestikas: | Face Your Money Fear And Get Your Finances In Order With Dr. Barbara Provost And Maggie Nielsen

Women will be in charge of their financial future, but not many are equipped with the knowledge to control their money. Today, let’s talk about money and women. Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen, the hosts of Women and Money: The Shit We Don’t Talk About, talk about money and how to face your money fear. They explain why women don’t take control of their finances and how society and relationships contribute to that. Barbara and Maggie share insights and concrete steps to get your money together. So, get started today by tuning in to this episode. Be brave and financially fearless today!

During my chat with Barb and Maggie, we discussed:

  1. The story behind their company, Purse Strings.
  2. Their thoughts on why women don’t take control of their finances.
  3. How society and our relationships contribute to that fact.
  4. Life changes that make us face our money fears.
  5. More about their podcast Women and Money: The Shit We Don’t Talk About.
  6. Concrete steps we can take today to get our money stuff together.
  7. And how we can pass these learnings to our kiddos.