Question for you…


What if you could get in front of an engaged &

energized demographic of high-caliber women

who are motivated to shape a financially fearless

life for themselves? 



Or let me rephrase that…

If you are a financial professional who wants to work with women and help them live a life that is financially fearless, then let us get you in front of your best client so that you can do the work you love.

Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to get in front of an engaged and energized demographic of high-caliber women, you need a high-energy promotional platform to publicize your services.

But, you are constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like….


How do I best utilize my time, my money and make an impact for women?


Where do I find women who need my services?


Who are like-minded professionals that can be great centers of influence for me and my clients?

Can you imagine…

Having an engaged and energized demographic of high-caliber women who are motivated to shape a financially fearless life for themselves…

without having to show up at a 7am networking meeting every week, without having to promote painters and plumbers to get a referral, without having to buy leads!

What would happen? Let me ask my crystal ball…

A Network of like minded professionals at your fingertips.

Opportunities to get in front of a Female audience to present your expertise!

Promotion on social media of  You and the work you do.

If you want to get in front of an engaged and energized demographic of high-caliber women who are motivated to shape a financially fearless life for themselves, I have something for you…

Purse Strings Approved Professional Network

Your partners in promotion and marketing: we put

you in front of a motivated and educated audience

so that you can focus on doing the work you love.

Here’s what our Purse Strings Professionals said

about being Purse Strings Approved.

“Purse Strings is a wonderful organization truly dedicated to the art of creating networks and providing resources to the professionals it serves.”

Financial Advisor

“Purse Strings is an incredible organization! They make finding credible and trustworthy financial professionals easier. They also make financial education easy to access–just follow their groups for the live events to hear from financial experts on the topics pertaining to your situation.”

Financial Planner

“”Purse Strings is a fantastic network for women in financial services. Barbara and Maggie work hard to support and promote members.”

Financial Planner

Here’s how it all breaks down.

Networking, new skills, an innovative approach. Those are the gains you can realize by becoming Purse Strings approved. Make today the day you step up for greater results and retention by becoming part of our community of trusted professionals.


Personalized Web Page, which shows off your expertise and offers one-click access to your calendar, your website and all your social media.


Personalized web page URL optimizes your reach on the web.


Expanded Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn exposure in your local area and across the US to get you in front of more prospects.


Your Facebook Live presentation recordings, posted on YouTube, promoted in our newsletter and sent to you for your own marketing highlighting you as the expert!


Sharpen the Saw and Meeting of the Mind sessions to collaborate and learn!


Promotion of your expertise when you submit your Blogs or answer Ask the Expert Questions so that our communities can see you and learn about your expertise.


Reposting of your social media when you tag us at #pursestrings expanding your reach through our platforms.


Purse Strings Approved logos you can use in your marketing to let everyone know you are part of an innovative community.


Monthly networking meetings with our professionals to expand your community and increase referrals.


One-on-one introductions to other professionals to learn about each other and increase the potential for referrals.

What makes Purse Strings different?

There is no other platform that focuses on women, providing them free online resources, tools and information AND a vetted list of available-for-hire financial professionals who focus on serving a female market.

You have questions.

We have answers.

Nice to meet you!

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Dr. Barb

Founder of Purse Strings

As an adult educator and consultant to the financial industry I saw first hand how women were lagging behind financially due to the fact that were not given the skills and resources to be financially independent. But, women live longer, many will divorce or be widowed, and most will age alone. I created this platform to give all women the tools they need to live a financially fearless life.

Hello 👋🏻 I’m Maggie 

Partner of Purse Strings.

Through my education and work in Purse Strings I was deeply moved by the stories women shared about their fears and disappointments around money. I want my peers to step out on the right foot with all the financial tools and resource to make great financial choices as they begin to navigate their lives.

We’ll see you inside!


Purse Strings is a perfect fit if you are a Financial Professional who:


Already engages with a female market


Leads with education, not sales


Communicates clearly and timely


Is interested in women's unique family situations, caregiving demands, career, money goals, and risk tolerance - not just her assets.


Understand how women take in information through emotion, connection, intuition and other senses and use this information to make her decisions.

Apply to be Purse Strings Approved

Annual Membership $83/month