Ask an Expert | When would I consider a financial coach?

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Ask an Expert – When would I consider a financial coach?

Jason Conger Financial Advisor

Answered By
Maggie Germano – Financial Coach –

When would I consider a financial coach?


Here are some instances where you might want to consider a financial coach… When:

• You feel anxious, stressed, or fearful about money

• You struggle with creating, managing, or sticking to a budget

• You want to create new, more effective money habits

• You want to improve your relationship with money

• You need guidance when creating your money goals

• You want to be confident about your money decisions, once and for all

Improve your relationship with money.

Maggie Germano is a feminist and financial coach for women. She helps women improve their relationship with money so they can take control of their financial future.

She does this through one-on-one financial coaching, workshops, writing, and speaking engagements. Shealso founded Money Circle, which is a safe space for women to talk about money without feeling judged. It’s a way to create community and openness around personal finance.

Passionate about many issues affecting women, Maggie is a member of the Women’s Information Network and was trained as a salary negotiation facilitator by AAUW.

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