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Are men better negotiators than women?

Joann North

Answered By

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Negotiation Trainer and Coach  at KBK Wealth Connection


Are men better negotiators than women?



It is a myth that women are lousy negotiators. Your gender does not determine your negotiating success. In fact, when women learn the skills and acquire the confidence to negotiate, they often excel, as they are good at building relationships and coming up with collaborative solutions.

Research shows that women (or those who identify as female) may be perceived differently than their male peers when they negotiate. For instance, women often are criticized more harshly when they employ competitive tactics, whereas men using the same tactics may be viewed more favorably. Notice that this is not to say that women aren’t good at negotiating. It just means that sometimes the strategy and style women need to use may need to differ.

With practice, you can be a confident and successful negotiator!