Approaching 65: Social Security, Medicare, Retirement Planning & More

Jul 11, 2024

Approaching the age of 65 often comes with a ton of questions about Social Security, Medicare, retirement planning, and more. In celebration of Barb’s 65th birthday, we have 3 of her peers and financial planner, Koren Vining, on the show to talk about the essential financial planning steps you need to take before turning 65.


In celebration of Barb’s 65th birthday, we gathered a small group of her peers- Maggie Weiss, Karen Van Maldegiam, and Geri Bresnahan- who are all 65. Approaching this milestone often comes with a ton of questions about Social Security, Medicare, retirement, and more. That’s why we’ve also invited Koren Vining, a financial planner, certified Social Security Claiming Strategist, and retirement counselor, onto this episode to help us make sense of it all.

From understanding the intricacies of Medicare to maximizing Social Security benefits, Koren breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible information. Our guests share their personal journeys, questions, and dreams for retirement and give us a unique look into this major life transition. Join us as we explore these important topics and celebrate the diverse paths people take as they enter this new phase of life!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


4:13 – Experiences with Medicare

12:40 – Understanding Social Security credits

23:21 – Medicare’s IRMAA

29:25 – Decisions around enrolling in Medicare at age 65

37:15 – Traditional vs Roth IRA + minimizing tax burdens for heirs

45:13 – Living the retirement years



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Episode Transcript

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Maggie Nielsen  00:00

Coming up on today’s edition of women and money, the shit we don’t talk about. We have a couple of guests joining us today. Yes,

Barbara Provost  00:06

we have several VIP guests today. They were hand selected by me, and they are my grade school besties. We’re all turning 65 this year and our expert Koren finding will be answering all of our questions about retirement


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