Purse Strings Affiliate

Welcome to our purse Strings Affiliate program!

As a respected financial organization, you are doing great things in your business and you are respected in the industry. We’d be honored to partner with you! We want to offer you an opportunity to add value to your following and have ongoing income.

Benefits Of Your Affiliation 

Purse Strings will provide your constituents an innovative online training and assessment so that insurance and financial providers can learn how to Reach, Engage, and Earn the hard-earned dollar of women.

I think you would agree that today there is a huge gap between the financial industry and women. It’s actually costing them SO MUCH MONEY as women are a 20-trillion-dollar market – and growing. The trust is just not there – and for so many reasons. But Purse Strings is putting an end to all of that. This is an opportunity for you to offer your following a unique, proven and important learning event.

Once you set up your affiliation, and it is approved by Purse Strings, you will be provided the following:


  •  A personalized link to the Purse Strings course.
  • Earn 10% on the first 25 enrollments, 15% on the next 25 enrollments and 30% on all enrollment once 50 enrollments have been met.
  • Transfers to your business account once your balance reaches $100.

We’ve built a community of women who are learning what they need to know to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families – but they want to work with a trusted financial professional who will provide them the products and services they need and want.

For insurance and financial professionals who want to grow their business and learn how to serve the female market – they can simply enroll in our online course to learn about the power of the female market, see how other industries are engaging with this market and, perform an assessment of their business practices to see how they, too, can engage with this powerful market.

Complete the affiliate form. Once completed, we will review and approve your information. Upon approval, you will be notified as to the start date of your affiliation. We are honored to work in partnership with you and your organization.