The Bridge Between
Women and Financial Professionals

I’m Barbara.

“My mission is to provide resources to women that help them make good financial decisions and to provide financial professionals who can help them plan for a wonderful financial future.”

I’m a consultant, an educator, and an entrepreneur. My mission is to provide resources to women that help them make good financial decisions and to provide financial professionals who can help them plan for a wonderful financial future.

I created Purse Strings to help women become financially fearless by learning what they need to know to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

I also want to partner women with the right financial provider. One that is eager to serve a powerful female market. One that has been trained and vetted by Purse Strings to provide the right products and the unique service women want.

Purse Strings Model

I created the Purse Strings Model which demonstrates how we provide tools and resources for women, online and at their fingertips 24×7. When women are ready and need financial products or services, my goal is to ensure they are working with financial professionals who take the time to focus on their unique needs. That’s a Purse Strings Approved professional.

When financial professionals learn how to serve the female market, they become the go-to referral when women reach out for advice. Most people only have one name for referrals – which could be you! That expert has earned their trust as an indispensable advocate. Becoming a Purse Strings-approved professional does just that.

I’m Maggie.

Laughing, dancing, and questioning all things is the approach I take to life. It allows me always to be learning and exploring. I feel passionate about helping others become their best selves, from inspirational pep talks to educating women financially. 

I learned from Barb the significance and relief of financial freedom. I know how important it is to be in the financial conversation. My focus is on young women like myself, to empower women to come to the table and have financial conversations. 


We all have a picture of our perfect life, and it does not include having panic attacks about money or working in retirement. My mission is to encourage women to come to the table and create their own financial story so they can live a fearless life.

Our Purse Strings Story

Oftentimes we hear how many small businesses started in a garage or basement, as women, our great ideas came while dolling-up in the bathroom. It started when Barb was drying her hair while Maggie, sitting on the sink, took copious notes. You could feel the excitement and passion explode as we brainstormed solutions to the problem at hand…. Women were not taking charge of critical financial decisions that had huge impacts on their lives and financial institutions were not helping. As a mother-daughter duo, we have always enjoyed taking adventures and working through challenging experiences together. We were emotionally connected to this issue and knew we had to do something about it.

The brainstorming sessions over long dog walks and making dinners, turned into facilitating focus groups and business meetings in the dining room. In 2015 the Purse Strings model was developed. 

Barb continued to build out her consulting business and Maggie worked on her MBA, and Purse Strings continued to evolve every day. As any entrepreneur knows, nothing comes easy and businesses are not built overnight, so we tenaciously continued this work and ideas never stopped.

Our hard work is paying off. We are growing our community of women who are using free, online tools and resources – and building a cadre of Purse Strings Approved providers. Now, women have free online resources to help them make smart financial decisions and financial professionals who know how to serve them with respect and dignity. This was not available before Purse Strings.

This work never ends – and we love it. Be the change? We are doing all we can to live by that motto. We want women to live financially fearless lifestyles now and into their retirement.  Our goal is to reach out to help others and find joy in everything we do.

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