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We Help You Become the Go-To Referral

I'm Barbara.

Purse Strings helps you, the financial advisor, become the go-to referral when women reach out for advice on finances.

I’m a consultant, an educator and an entrepreneur. My mission is to provide resources to women that help them make good financial decisions and refer financial professionals who can help them plan for a wonderful retirement.

I created Purse Strings to help you, the financial advisor, become the go-to referral when women reach out for advice on finances. You see, most people only have one name for referrals. That expert has earned their trust as an indispensable advocate. Becoming a Purse Strings-approved vendor does just that.

Why? Because when women are provided a valuable service, they will make 26 referrals to their financial advisor (on average).

That’s the warmest lead you can get--a client recommendation.

In my 25+ years working with professional advisors in finance, client acquisition is their number one pain point. Finding qualified prospects is hard. It takes hitting the ground running every day. Networking meetings, follow-up phone calls, working late evening appointments, it makes for a long day.

That’s why I used my international educator background to create a course and a platform to connect women to the financial experts who value them. (We’ve even implemented these solutions, in conjunction with the World Bank, in countries across the world--Nigeria, India, Cameroon, and the Philippines--with raving success.)

My mission is to promote Purse Strings Approved advisors to women of the Purse Strings community, so they can plan a beautiful future.

This movement was created for you. And all of the women who need your guidance.

Please join us.

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Adler

Chief Instructional Designer

  • Masters, Adult and Continuing Education
  • Bachelor in Mass Communications
  • Instructional Design and Developer
  • Non-profit co-founder and leader (Lake County Arts and Humane Organizations)

Kathrine Farris

Chief Marketing/Technologist

  • CEO, Marketecs & Strategic Office Support
  • Former VP, Branch Manager and Commercial/Residential Lender
  • Former Adjunct Instructor, Southern Maine Community College
  • Bachelor in Business Administration

Maggie Nielsen


  • MBA, Loyola University
  • Certificate in Data Analytics