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Purse Strings is a education program and a support community designed for women who want to master their relationship with money and feel secure about their financial future. 

Purse Strings empowers its women with low-cost learning events that cover a wide variety of financially-focused topics. We deliver our message of financial freedom in a warm, communicative, and spirited environment.

We match our members who are seeking to take control of their financial future with the vetted professionals who can help them achieve their goals with empathy, respect, and expertise. 

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A place where women from all walks of life can come together...

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We believe that when you are comfortable, surrounded by supportive women who are encouraging you and learning with you, that the anxiety and fear of the topic will wash away...

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Think you can’t do this!?  Think again! Women are born to be successful in the area of money management and investing. 

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1871 WiSTEM Cohort Member

WiSTEM Cohort The WiSTEM Cohort, a 12-week, curriculum-based program that connects women to capital, community, and technology resources. Since its inception in September 2015, the WiSTEM program has helped more than 37 women-founded companies and 45 entrepreneurs.

And Purse Strings Founder, Barbara Provost, is proud to part of the fourth class to be accepted into this prestigious program. Click here to read more about Barbara’s acceptance, as well as the 14 other companies.

Click here to learn more about the 1871 WiSTEM Cohort.

Welcome to a bold new life of courage and financial fearlessness! Welcome to Purse Strings!

I founded Purse Strings because I wanted to help women learn about and engage in the details and planning surrounding their financial future. I took my two passions: advocating for women and adult education and combined them to create a network of support and learning for women seeking to gain confidence in the area of financial acumen. Purse Strings is not a “diet”. It’s a shift in thought. It’s a way of life.

I am fond of the phrase: “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect. Practice Makes Permanent,” and that’s the philosophy upon which Purse Strings is based. 

We have created a community with supporting professionals who can encourage women to engage with their own financial future, to increase their comfort with their knowledge base, and then to take charge of planning and maintaining their financial health.

All so that you, too, can BE FINANCIALLY FEARLESS.

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Mail us:  833 N Clark Street, Apartment 1505, Chicago IL  60610

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