Purse Strings, For Members

Every learning event for Purse Strings Members costs $25* each and lasts 90 minutes.

Each learning event thoroughly coves one topic in the area of finance or home/auto insurance. 

Topics span from:

  • How to Budget
  • How to Protect What you Own 
  • Banking Products: Savings, CDs, and Money Markets 
  • Do you need life insurance? 

Participate in one learning event or take them all for an in-depth knowledge of your finances or home/auto insurance coverages.

We are experts in adult learning techniques and our programs provide a variety of learning tools that will meet the needs of different experience levels and learning styles. Questions and comments are welcomed throughout any learning event. 

Our participants leave each learning event with a set of educational resources that will act as an ongoing source of reference as they continue their journey to financial freedom.

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*Discounts are available for in-home events, contact a small group facilitator for more information.

Purse Strings Workshop,
For Professionals

Purse Strings Workshop for Professionals is unlike any other training course available on the market today.

A recent Nielsen report on women and spending: “…estimates that women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history—compelling insight for anyone curious about who’s keeping the U.S. economy going these days.”

Harvard Business Review 2014 states that the Financial Industry wins the award as being the least sympathetic to women.  (Source: “The Female Economy - Sponsored by SAS” Harvard Business Review).  Purse Strings is an education tool for professionals to learn how to shape their style of service to meet the needs of this 14 trillion dollar market.

Imagine what a nearly untouched market of roughly half of all potential customers could do to grow your business!? During our one-day Purse Strings learning event, we will teach participating professionals how to cater their services to women and win more business from this valuable demographic. What makes women feel comfortable? What style of engagement do women respond to? How do women think differently? What are a woman’s unique set of needs and what differentiates them from the needs of a male client? How can you take advantage of the broad word-of-mouth network that women naturally maintain?

Once professionals have successfully completed the workshop they will be armed with the changes they will want to make to their practice that will engage women and attract this 14 billion dollar niche market.  Professionals will be supported with on going training and coaching, as desired.  Once these changes have been reviewed and approved, each professional will be highlighted on the Purse Strings website as a Purse Strings Approved professional.  Their services will be promoted to the large network of female Purse Strings members who will be encouraged to use their services.

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