I help employers and employees achieve peaceful resolutions to legal issues in the workplace.

Contact Information

Phone: (847) 624-6640

Email: lori.a.goldstein@gmail.com

A little bit about myself...

Name: Lori Goldstein

Company: Law Office of Lori A. Goldstein LLC

Favorite things to do: I like to read, travel, see movies, enjoy new restaurants, spend time with family and friends, network especially with women, and present on employment law.

Current goals/aspirations: To give back through volunteer service, community involvement, and pursuing my passion of helping others as an employment lawyer.

Specialties: Employment law compliance, employee handbooks, discrimination and sexual harassment, management training, hire/fire, severance and employment contracts, medical leaves, overtime, independent contractors, administrative charges/defense, resolution of workplace issues for organizations and individuals.

Languages: English 

How I Help Women: I listen, I'm empathetic, and I understand my clients' anxiety. I help women assert workplace rights, separate employment amicably, and transition to happier workplaces and personal lives.

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833 N Clark Street, #1505
Chicago IL  60610

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